Clann tee shirts

This page lists all the Clann T-shirts that have been produced since we first began the tradition in 1999. Clann members will usually buy one or two each year they are produced. When setting up or breaking down at an event in mundane clothing, donning an official Clann tee makes us look more like a real organization to outsiders. Since the TdB have good relations with most of the neighbors at Pennsic, wearing a TdB tee can usually get you into the party!

This page lists each official shirt that has been produced along with information about who designed the shirts, shirt manufacturer and materials, colors, and current inventory (if available). note: old stock is first come, first served, and the inventory info isn't updated as often as it should be. These are not actual photographs, but mock-ups!The colors are as close as a (slightly) red green color blind person can make them.

Please use this forum to provide more information and discuss the relative merits of each.I have removed the poll that once graced this page - the black one won by a slim margin.

TdB tee 1999

TdB tee shirt, 1999
design by Comyn
Color: Black
Single color (white) silk-screen
Fruit of the Loom, Heavy Cotton
100% cotton, pre-shrunk

none in stock

TdB tee 2000

TdB tee shirt, 2000
design by Comyn
Color: Forest Green 2000
single color (white) silk screen
Hanes Beefy Tee
100% pre-shrunk cotton
no stock

TdB tee 2001

TdB tee shirt, Imbolc 2001
design by ?
Color: Grey Single color (black) silk screen
Fruit of the Loom, Heavy Cotton
90% cotton, pre-shrunk

Stock as of Nov 2016:
M - 1

TdB tee 2003

TdB tee shirt, Bealtaine 2003
design by ?
Color: Light Green Single color (dark green) silk screen
Jerzees brand Heavyweight
Blend 50% Algodon cotton / 50% polyester

Stock as of Nov 2016
XL - 3

TdB tee 2006

TdB tee shirt, Imbolc 2006 designed by Guthrum Color: Brown (Digital printing, multicolor) Gildan Activewear Ultra Cotton heavy weight 100% preshrunk cotton

Stock as of Nov 2016
S - 1 (short sleeve)
S - 1 (long sleeve)
M - 4 (short sleeve)
M - 1 (long sleeve)
XXL - 1 (long sleeve)

TdB tee 2008

TdB tee shirt, Beltaine 2008
Larger sun design (rear) by Vollund, small logo (front) by Comyn
Color: Light blue (silk screen)
Gildan Ultra Cotton
100% cotton

Stock as of Oct 2011
no stock

[Original Post: (note I have removed the annoying animated image and replaced with the final version):

Animated GIF showing five different possibilities for the 2008 shirts.Yes, there are about a zillion other ways we could do this, but sometimes you just gotta pick a few.Please take a quick look and give some feedback.I'd like to have the design over to the printer sometime in the next couple weeks.Once we settle on something, I'll post again to get an idea for sizing.

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(updated with blue and red on May 1)


TdB tee 2010 (Unofficial)

TdB tee shirt, Samhain 2010
Design by Fiachra
Color: Black with Gold silk screening
Hanes Beefy-T
100% cotton

On demand orders only (click here).

This shirt was designed by Fiachra and offered as an option because no official bulk tee shirt order has been authorized by the Clann since 2008.The front bears a small circular logo of three bearded men entwined and a large logo based on the Gundestrop cauldron on the reverse.It was designed at Custom Ink and can be ordered online through that site.The price for only one shirt is fairly high ($30) but if several members wished to go in on a purchase there are discounts at 10 shirts ($19.90 ea) and 25 shirts ($13.10 ea).

TdB tee 2013

TdB tee shirt, Beltaine 2013 Same design front (small with Beltaine 2013) and rear (large with Tuatha de Bhriain) by Vollund. Printed by Custom Ink online retailer. The shirt was printed in different color schemes. Most chose a red shirt with blue lettering. Please note that in the picture, the front is more representative as to what it actually looked like - in this image the design of the back is lighter blue than actual.

Current Stock as of Nov. 2016

Red/Blue Short Sleeve Shirts
Small: 1
Large: 1
X Large: 5
Black/Grey Short Sleeve Shirts
Small: 1
Large: 1
X Large: 2