Video: Comparing Gaulish with some modern Celtic languages

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Video: Comparing Gaulish with some modern Celtic languages

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Done in a sort of game show format, the host speaks out a sentence in Gaulish and speakers of various modern day Celtic languages attempt to figure out the meaning. They don't have a dedicated Irish speaker but the Manx teacher also speaks Irish.
In this Celtic languages comparison video, we explore differences and similarities between Gaulish, Welsh, Breton and Manx - the modern Celtic languages.

Gaulish is part of the Indo-European family of languages and is more specifically categorized under the Celtic branch. It was in use from approximately the 6th century BC until the 6th century AD. As the Romans extended their control over the Celtic tribes of Gaul, the Gaulish language gradually gave way to Vulgar Latin, the precursor to the Romance languages, which includes modern French.

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