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Clann throwing axes

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 9:29 pm
by Comyn
When Brogan dropped off the trailer and helped put some of the metal stuff away in the garage he also gave me the Clann axes. There are six of these and they were in a terrible condition, completely covered in rust.

All of the axes have 19" handles (one seems to be a bit longer). Four of the axe handles have duct tape wrapped along their length, probably because the wood split and we didn't have spare handles. Several of them have wood screws driven into the eye to make the axe head fast.

Since it was going to be a project to remove the axe heads due to the duct tape, and we're going to have to replace the handles anyway, I decided to just dunk them head first into a vinegar bath as is. This stains the handle where it attaches to the axe head so its not the preferred method. After 12 hours I took them out and wiped them down with a cloth, then quickly oiled them with flax seed oil so they don't just immediately rust up again.

They look great - down to bare metal. Some of them need their bit sharpened (one is really bad and needs to be re-shaped) but if the Clann allocates funds for new handles (or if Brogan has handles which I think I remember him saying he did) we can get them looking new again in short order.
Clann throwing axes
Clann throwing axes