Sponsorship and Guests

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Sponsorship and Guests

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As a member you may sponsor guests and probates. A guest can be someone interested in joining the clann or just curious about what we do. Probates are individuals who have expressed their desire to become a member and are currently in their trial period.

To sponsor a probate you must declare your intentions by calling for a majority vote at a clann meeting for the approval of elevating the person in question’s status to probate. On approval, this person is now a probate and you their sponsor.

As a probates sponsor, you should maintain regular contact and keep them posted of clan meetings and events. Take the time to acquaint them with each member. Be as vocal as possible in support of your probate. Encourage them to take part and be a visible presence at events.

A Sponsor is more than just a spokesperson for his or her probate. You will also be responsible for their "clan education" as well. You should be familiar with what is expected of a probate having gone through the process yourself, but you should read the becoming a member section frequently as well. Your probate will need a torc and appropriate persona story before they will be made a member. Encourage your probate to complete these projects regularly, it is solid evidence of their desire to be an active and contributing member.

As a sponsor, you are accountable for the actions of your guests and probate. You should sponsor with responsibility and forethought. Be mindful of who you are bringing to the clann. Make sure your guests understand what we are about and that they will be respectful.

Should a problem arise, it is your responsibility to see that the situation is resolved. Most problems are due to a misunderstanding or lack of communication and are easily solved by bridging the gap. Should you and your probate have trouble connecting, you should find another sponsor for them.

In the unlikely event that a probate doesn’t work out, it is your responsibility to inform that person and withdraw your sponsorship. As an alternative, you may want to consider making that person a Friend of the Clann instead. It would reflect very poorly on the group and be extremely unfair of a sponsor to lead a probate on, or of a member not to speedilyinform a sponsor of a problem he might have with their probate.
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