Pennsic Plan Sheet Blanks

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Pennsic Plan Sheet Blanks

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Aonghus, in his infinite wisdom created a worksheet (in Excel) to assess difficulty and assign work fairly betwixt the attending members at Pennsic's past.The file contains essentially three different sheets of import:
  • A Daily Jobs assignment sheet
  • A list of attending members and their required tentage area
  • A detailed setup and breakdown list
Aonghus included what he called a 'hassle factor' which weights the various tasks as to how much of a pain they are, in an attempt to "spread the pain" evenly as much as possible.

Attached you'll find two of the sheets listed above (a tent list doesn't really need a form), set up for printing in PDF.A summary of the Plan of the Day is also attached.For more detail, see the

Clann Handbook (TdB Member access req.)

pennsicjobs-2008.pdf 36.31 KB
pennsicplan-2008.pdf 41.49 KB
PennsicPlanoftheDay.pdf 45.66 KB
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