How to set up email notifications for new posts

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How to set up email notifications for new posts

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This question has been asked several times so I thought it might be a good idea to post a little how to guide.

Just having an account on forums is not enough to receive email when there is new content. If you log into the site, you can use a couple different methods to see what's new since last time you logged in (one is the "Notifications" link at the top of the screen), but if you want to receive an email whenever someone posts a new comment to the forums there are a couple steps you need to take. Email and Notifications are different things on the forum. Notifications is something you see when logged in, Email is... email. The forum setup allows for a good bit of control over when an email gets sent to you. The forum software we're using now can scale to service large communities and on very busy sites you might only want to be notified for posts in certain forums. On, its likely that you will want to be emailed for any and all posts.

The first thing to do is set up your profile and select what type of activities will trigger an email. This is done in the User Control Panel (UCP). You can access the UCP by clicking on your username at upper right and selecting UCP or Profile. Then click on the Board Preferences tab, then select "Edit notification options" and make selections in the Email column as desired. The two selections for "Subscriptions" are the critical ones you need.
The next step is to subscribe to some forums. You do this in another location, while you are viewing a forum (click on the example image below if you're a visual learner). You might choose to subscribe only to the Meeting Minutes forum or Private Discussions, or you may wish to subscribe to all the forums. There is no way to subscribe to all forums in one click, you have to subscribe to each forum of interest one at a time. There are currently 9 forums although only logged in TdB Members and Friends can see all of these. There are six public forums. When viewing a forum, look for the "Subscribe" link at bottom left. If you are NOT subscribed to the forum this link will appear with a green checkbox and the text "Subscribe forum", once you are subscribed the link changes to a red and white icon with the text "Unsubscribe forum".
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