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The Dancing Man Quinarius

Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 7:34 am
by Comyn
The Dancing Man. This is a reproduction of a Celtic Latene period silver quinar struck between 60 BC and 1 BC which depicts a dancing man holding a torc in one hand and a snake in the other surrounded by a circle of dots which might be pearls or jewels or stones or even eggs. A gold? quinarius had a value of half of a gold denarius according to Pliny who wrote that its value was five pounds of bronze to the denarius' ten but later after its weight had been reduced a denarius would fetch sixteen asses to a quinarius' eight. According to Roymans and Aarts, 2009 the quinarii may be associated with the Ubii and have been found associated with Augustan army camps where they seem to have been in circulation between 30 BC to 10 AD.
Brogan's version is silver and the horse figure on the obverse is opposite the ancient version.
Scheers 57 Quinarii find distribution
Scheers 57 Quinarii find distribution