Samhain 2023

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Samhain 2023

Post by Guthrum »

Samhain 2023

Due to the issues with the sites where we usually hold Samhain we were not able to hold a multi-day event. What we did have, though, was a wonderful one day celebration on Saturday (an Satharn) at Fionnuala and Guthrum’s house.

The day started with unseasonably warm weather so Fionnala, Grainia, Éadaoin, and Guthrum set up the site with the pavilion and picnic tables and a firepit. Aoife arrived with craft supplies for turnip carving and mask making, even though she wasn’t able to stay long. Eber Wulf, Helska, and Aodhán came with hat making supplies and a chess set.

The afternoon was spent with lots of turnip carving and hat making and music and a great day board. There were several jams and preserves to taste, each one was wonderful.

Vollund and AJ arrived in time for feast which was roasted pork shoulder, pottage, roasted root vegetables, salad, and bread. Just as we were realizing that we didn’t have a proper desert for feast and plans were being hatched for acquiring such a necessity, Brán showed up with zeppoles, still warm. It was a true Samhain miracle.

Vollund stood in for the druid for a ceremony with a wicker vessel constructed by Grainia. Many gifts to the otherworld were sent and apparently well received. The bones were read with two possible outcomes. I guess we’ll have to wait and see who makes the more accurate forecasts.

Faellon was able to join for the after party. There was much hanging around the fire and great conversation and music and star gazing. The full moon shining through the trees made such a nice backdrop to the evening and it was mentioned several times how much we wished that more of our clan folk and friends could have joined.

There was not quorum, so a meeting and elections were not held. This is tabled to the December meeting and all positions will remain until a time when we have quorum.

Yours in Service,
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