Making Javelins for under $20

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Making Javelins for under $20

Post by Hrotger »

Making Javelins for competition by Rutager
from AOL message board, Jun 9, 1997

Pertaining to javelins

  • Step 01 - Purchase one or more "Ice chippers" (these come with shafts already attached). Step 02 - Decide on head shape (leaf, "arrow" etc.)
    Step 03 - Cut head to shape using Dremmel Moto Tool with grinder head (thats how we did it).
  • Step 04 - Scare the shit out of the people who live around you by throwing your new javelin at all hours of the night.
  • Step 05 - If you can not follow these simple steps and invest $20...I don't want to hear you crying about not haveing a javelin to prictice with.
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