Feast Gear

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Feast Gear

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The bare minimum of table wear you should have for an event (be it indoors or a camp out) is a wooden bowl, a sharp knife, and a spoon. With these you can pretty much get through any feast with out too much of a hassle. You can eat with your knife in place of a fork. You can drink out of your bowl if you have to, and the spoon pretty much speaks for itself.

Of course no self-respecting Celt would be without a nice drinking horn. And though a bowl can replace it in many cases, a plate is often more desireable to eat off of.

You are expected to bring your own feast gear to events. Should you forget, you may get lucky and find a member who has an extra mug or plate, but don't count on being lucky. And as a side note..... if you do borrow someone's gear it's common curtesy to return it clean.

And a note to all: We all know how groggy we get after a good feast and how easily distracted we get at our fun-filled events... but nothing is more unsightly than a heap of unwashed dishes strewn about camp....
claim it, clean it, and stow it.
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