Beltaine 2018

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Beltaine 2018

Post by Aonghus » Tue May 01, 2018 11:21 pm

So that was an event and a half.

The Friday rain didn't seem to matter much and the event seemed to get into full swing by early evening. It was nice to see so many people there early. It was also great to see how many actually attended! Did anyone have a final headcount? By my reckoning we had 26 camping (children inclusive) and 8 day trippers. Very respectable.

Saturday was beautiful. Brogan's casting was a popular activity, though many seemed content to hob-nob in various pockets of shade.

The feast did not disappoint. Though someone needs to remind me to bring mustard for the ham next time, then again, I probably would have eaten too much if I had.

I'd have to say the maiden voyage of Feallon's cook table was an overt success. My back was very appreciative of not having to crouch and bend to stir the carrots and I'm sure Vollund holds a similar sentiment in benefit of his root vegetable dish.

And holy oak grove! How about those cinnamon rolls? Just to give you an idea for those who may have missed out: Fjord Vambrace, famous for his staid expression said: "I think that was the best cinnamon roll I've had in my entire life". That should give you some idea of how good they were. Bod ina haigh to Asling for that. And those were experimental??

The twin braziers for the fires of Bealtine were definitely an improvement to the atmosphere of the ceremony.

The one minor and rather ironic criticism made was that we had too much room! We were spread out a bit being new to the space and the activities were a bit scattered as a result. At cathedral, the limited space kept the majority of the group close by even as they participated in disparate things. We will probably spend some time working out what layout may be best for us to keep things a bit tighter, but seems a small tweak to make.

Personally, it was pretty tough saying goodbye and seeing the event come to an end.

What did everyone else think?

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Re: Beltaine 2018

Post by Faellon » Tue May 15, 2018 2:37 pm

I personally thought this event was one of the better we've had in quite a while. I absolutely love the new site although I think for Samhain we may want to rethink where we put things. I love having all the space we want to spread out but one thing that was kind of a pain was when I was transferring coals from the main fire pit to the cooking area it ended up being a pretty long walk with a shovel full of hot coals while dodging chairs and people. Aside from that though, the site was fantastic.

The feast was great, as always, and I appreciate all the positive feedback about my new cooking table. For just throwing it together, it performed amazingly well. Brogan got himself quite a few new converts with his bronze casting, even prompting Alanna and Snail from White Swallows to buy their own kit and they are now happily casting away at home in New Hampshire

I'd also like to thank Guthrum for reaching out to the White Swallows to begin with. Having a number of new faces around was great and I think they all helped to make this such a nice weekend.

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