The Druids speak upon the Solstice, 1991

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The Druids speak upon the Solstice, 1991

Post by Comyn » Sun Dec 22, 1991 10:00 pm

Dated Dec 22, 1991

To the clansmen of Tuatha de Bhriain, greetings. Know that at this past Samhain the gods and spirits have made their will known. In the fire's light and the sighs of the wind through the trees their message could be seen and heard by those who had the ability to listen. A message that they desired greater recognition and interaction with Clann Tuatha de Bhriain and its people.

In consequence of this, those of us who have trained in the Mysteries have met in conference. As the omens and signs that were discussed it became plain to us what lay behind the spirits' message. It was not just the lack of recognition that the gods were receiving, but the ignorance of the Clann's people in general. Since the Tuatha de Bhriain have never had the opportunity to learn the required information the gods are not angry. Indeed, the omens could only have meant that those of us who have received Druidical training should pass along some of the knowledge we posses.

To this end, a series of articles and stories will be distributed with the formal notes of the Clann meetings. These articles will examine the relationship that the Celts had with their gods; the meanings of the eight festivals of the year; and the legendary history of the Celts, first in Ireland, then in Britain, and then lastly on the Continent. Since the exact order that this information will be presented has yet to be determined, requests are welcome.

For those who wish to get in touch with me, I can be reached at XXX XXX-XXXX during the day and at XXX XXX-XXXX anytime after 8pm (till about midnight). May the gods ever be with you.

Kieron Romanson

Each day, take a moment to look at something natural;
a tree, the sun(set), a squirrel with an acorn. It
doesn't take long to just pause and look instead of
ignoring the world around you. If you like, muse
about the spirits of gods, feel part of it all, then
move on. You should feel better and the spirits will
be happy you remembered them.

Ard Draoi

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