Event notice July 20, 1991

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Event notice July 20, 1991

Post by Comyn » Sat Jul 06, 1991 10:00 pm

Appearing on the back page of the July 6, 1991 meeting minutes is the announcement of a Feis. More interesting than the notice itself are Falgon's hand written scribbles that appear on the document. I will include them, as its obvious there were factions developing and Falgon, then Chieftain, wasn't very happy about it.


There will be a "bring something" Clan feast at the home of Trelvis on Saturday, July 20th.

All members, probate members, allies, friends, and guests are invited to attend.

Trelvis will be giving out samples of his first batch of home brew.

The Ard Draoi will be handing out blanks for Totems. What are they? Show up and be enlightened.

There will be a Pseudo-ceremony by the Druid.

There will be NO Clan meeting, all play no work.
Oh, but there will be a political agenda, to try to push Otto as Chieftain

NOTICE TO ALL FIGHTERS Scadian pussy whimps

A contest of Arms will take place. Bring your armour. Also bring your armour. This invitation is open to any and all interested friends and guests.

The first ever Tuatha de Bhriain Contest for Clan Champion will take place at this Feis. All Qualified fighers of Tuatha de Bhriain who would like to compete for this coveted title must arrive between 2pm and no later than 4pm.

Boy, only qualified fighters? There is any goddamn qualifications for Norselanders. We use the Norselanders as much majority [sic] for ourselves, why, all of a sudden, do we now absorb SCA standards, especially when it'll keep out the most qualified and best fighter in the Clan (in my opinion) also he's the brother of the Chieftain.

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