Spring Thyng, 1991

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Spring Thyng, 1991

Post by Comyn » Thu Mar 21, 1991 10:00 pm

Spring Thyng 1991
dated 3/21/1991

Mainlia and Conn shared a tent. Saturday it rained. A yurt was set up in the rain, in the morning. The day dried out and in the afternoon Gunnar yelled "Lets Fight!" and they sided up for three man melees. Conn, Mainlia and Fjolnor fought as a team.

Their first fight was against a team of Marklanders who called themselves the "Unknown." The Clann fighters creamed them, rolled over them. Conn went berserk on a pole arm wielding Marklander who let himself become separated. Both Celts got a kill. Glorious Victory.

The next battle was also won by the Celts but at the cost of Conn.

In their third battle, the Celts were beaten by Gunnar and his best, Bjorn and Tomas. The victors lost not a man and went on to win the day. Conn had the honor of being felled by Gunnar. A re-match proved no better than the first. Conn lost his helm and then his head. He was hit in the head after his helmet came off. Ouch! But he was the last to fall. Tomas had also fallen.

Gunnar won in the martial arts.

Fjolnor was made a full Norseland member at their Assembly.

Cedric became a probate.

There: Rutger, Connor, Gina, Gunnar, Tomas, Morkar, Kimeric "Stainless", Yvan, Cedric, Ethvarth, Uric, Lief, Judy, Mainlia, Conn, ...

After the fighting and Assembly: Morkar & the Keg of Doom, he carried the Keg above his head and drank all night bellowing: "Keg of Doom"

A nice big bon-fire was lit. There was fire Jumping by Conn and Fjolnor

Tomas' hair caught on fire.

Morkar fell into the fire and lay there until rescued. He had been imbibing from the Keg of Doom.

Mainlia played hes mandolin solo and as duet with a violin and trio with Morkar on the Pan pipes.

Gunnar yelled at Fjolnor.

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