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Samhain 2018

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:20 pm
by Faellon
What a great event! The nor'easter wasnt even enough to dampen our spirits or the festivities! Even with the bad weather and a few cancellations we ended up with about 30-35 people there including a bunch of first time guests, from Regenveldt of Norseland to to Sylan and Obi of White Swallows and Spencer, Wren, Robin and Stephen from Circus of the Damned. Our wonderful White Swallows friends showed in force, with 6 members plus a pup. We ended up using a few of the cabins on the site for out of towners and it made it so much easier for people to come without having to worry about setting a tent. White Swallows, Norseland and Circus all made use of them and we were told by them all that the cabins were clean, dry and comfortable and would be a big part of them coming back since it made it possible to carpool.

The feast was absolutely epic. Since the weather was terrible, a decision was made to break the pig down and cook it indoors. This is where having 2 trained chefs onsite really made a difference. Bragg and Robin of Circus of the Damned broke the pig down and prepared around 8 different dishes showcasing various parts of the animal. So, we had pig 8 ways (all of them amazing), plus a roast of beef that Spriggan of White Swallows brought, pottage, honey carrots, brussels sprouts with bacon, spinach salad, breads, butter, and some amazing sauces, compotes and gravies that Bragg and Robin concocted including an amazing mushroom gravy made with dried black trumpet mushrooms, courtesy of Spriggan and Snail of White Swallows. Topping it all off was dessert courtesy of Aislinn and Sylvan of White Swallows

Clann elections were held and the officers for the year are as follows:

Chieftain - Faellon
Druid - Brogan
Fili - Aonghus
Bard - Eberwulf
Feni - Bragg
Treasurer - Guthrum
Brewery - Aoife
Secretary - Aoife

Fionualla performed a beautiful ceremony in the hall and about 20 minutes after the ceremony the gods gave us enough of a break in the rain to be able to burn the wickerman.

Re: Samhain 2018

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 5:46 pm
by Faellon
Forgot to mention... Welcome to our newest probate, Grania, who is being sponsored by Bragg!

Re: Samhain 2018

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 6:43 pm
by BroganTDB
WOW!! What a great event!! First night around the fire started the festivities! crisp cool air, a hot fire and warming whiskey and lots of laughs! As the weather drove us inside the festivities went on! Music in the parlor (small pipes, tin whistle, guitar, Mandolin) was finding it's way throughout the hall. Games were played, crafts were being made, Food eaten, jokes and stories told, Drinks being drunk while old friendships were enjoyed and new ones were made... The feast was epic! The smell of the food cooking was maddening!! The finished fare lived up to the aromas that teased us! One dish better than the next! I ate and ate again!! (Can't talk... eating!!!)

Fionualla performed a spiritual ceremony and read the bones Guthrum and her crafted. Silhouetted by the towering wicker man I'm happy to say that the reading was favorable to the clan. The gods were listening and gave us a window to send our offerings to the other side. The wicker man went up with crackling and a shower of sparks that vanished into the night... A Fantastic sight!!! After the ceremony we even got a few rounds of gambling in!! Woot!!! Thanks to everyone who helped make this an event to remember!!! It was great to see you all!! Bundnahai!!!!!!

In Service,
Brogan TDB