Samhain Newsletter, 2010

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Samhain Newsletter, 2010

Post by Comyn » Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:11 am

Submitted by Katerina on Wed, 11/03/2010 - 11:11am

For those of you who have never been to a Samhain hosted by our Celtic brethren, you are missing one of the best events around. It is well worth the travel.

It is set in a [local park] where the campsites are rustic, but with modern amenities within walking distance (let's hear it for flush toilets, Yay!). The Celts have hot and cold running water via their kitchen trailer and a hose hook-up for washing up. A perfect set up for those that don't mind sleeping in a tent, but would prefer some of the modern world's creature comforts...

This year we had a visit from a longship of flat Vikings from Meridies.
Trading was the activity of the day. The ship was laden with all kinds of goodies.

Samhain traditionally is a Pig Roast feast, complemented with Pottage, steamy root vegetables and this year we had young brussel spouts fresh from the stalk (I watched Finnoula pick each one!). The food was fabulous and cooked over the fire.

After the feast, there was a quick meeting where the new officers for the clan were chosen. Guthrum is now the new Clan Chieftain.

After the meeting, we processed to the sacred grove for the burning of the Wicker Man. We all wore masks to confuse any evil spirits that have crossed over while the veil between the worlds is thinnest. The Druid, Vollund, had us walk clockwise around the circle several times while we contempleted what we wish to accomplish in the comming year. Then we were given an opportunity to place offerings for our dearly departed within the wicker man. The head of the pig we had just consumed had been placed at the feet of the wicker man as an offering to the Gods. Then the Wicker Man was set aflame. It was very quick, as the wood was very dry and the Wicker man had "magic" powders which created colorful sparks which shot from his eyes. He went up like a Roman candle. When the rite was concluded we all wandered back to the campfire for shared songs and stories. The "Bardic Circle" performed both Friday and Saturday nights. It was fabulous.

I have been to some Samhain celebrations where the weather was not cooperating with cold, wind and rain, but this last Samhain the weather was absolutely beautiful. Much warmer and balmier than what we would have faced at home. Kudos to the clan of Tuatha de Bhriain for having a great event!

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