Beltaine Newsletter, 2007

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Beltaine Newsletter, 2007

Post by Comyn » Mon May 07, 2007 3:00 pm

May 7, 2007

The event started unofficially on Thursday night as Brogan, Tess, Momus, Fjord, and Sean pitched their tents for some pre-event festivities. Brogan was already two hours behind on time after performing emergency surgery on his steed due to an altercation with the fire pit, but luckily his van is basically a hardware store on wheels and the driver watched a lot of MacGyver. Comyn stopped by that night as well to clear a spot for his new tent, and although he was soundly heckled the entire time by Fjord and Momus, managed to clear some new land of sticker bushes, but didn't set up that night.

Folks poured into the site relatively early on Friday and enjoyed an excellent welcome chili prepared by Guthrum. Brogan and Aonghus' attention to Nomad paid off handsomely as hot water began to flow from the tap. In fact, it's likely that Nomad has never worked better! Comyn, Momus, Aonghus, and Sean (now Salmon?) provided some (lubricated) musical accompaniment around the fire before an angry tree decided to block Momus' tent door and permanently brand the Bard with it's loving mark. Our anti-hero thus laid low, Vollund's late-night feast of meaty, bacony, steak goodness was left for others to devour. Comyn believes it possible that he consumed more red meat that night than over the entire previous several months. Bacon and Steak *definitely* go well together despite evil rumors to the contrary.

Saturday dawned another glorious day of Good TimesTM. Brogan was victorious at the axe throwing contest after a tie-breaker with Guthrum, and the Champion's battle was postponed for lack of formal challenge. Rhiannon brought a box of excellent games that kids of all ages enjoyed. The feast of Salmon and game birds was supplemented by steak brought by Colin, Pottage by Eberwulf, garden salad, barley, and breads, all washed down with some really Good Ale brought by Momus. TdB Bardic Circle (Momus, Comyn, Guthrum, Finnoula) presented 6 songs that had been worked up for the occasion, though they stayed and played more songs all night around the fire aided now and again by Sean and the voices of the entire gathered Clann, many songs right from the Book of Song. The Druid led the Clann between the Bel Fires and delivered his blessings for fertility of mind, body, and spirit for the rest of the year. A camp potty provided by Brogan made it possible for little tykes and inebriated ladies to stay on site longer, but getting that genie back in the bottle wasn't easy!

Sunday morning dawned cloudy and wet, but cleared out by mid morning. Clean up went exceedingly well, as there were many hands to make light work. The Clann trailer left the site at 2:30pm - a new record!


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