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Beltaine message board, 2003

Post by Comyn » Sun May 04, 2003 3:00 pm

Some notes from the old Message board

May 04, 2003 20:47

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome home I received at the Beltaine gathering! It had been three years since last I shared your hospitality and it felt like I had never been away.

A great feast was held around the wonderfully hand crafted tables of the people of Bhriain. Much mead there was and it loosened the tongues of many. Vollund led the people to a woodsy grove where it was divined that the coming year would be a prosperous one. The twin fires burned brightly all evening. Though the unseasoned wood crackled and spat it still lit the smiling faces of the Clan as they raised their voices in song, eager for the coming spring.

A far cry from a Beltaine long ago: MCMXCVIII

In service,

May 04, 2003 23:05

Thank you to all for making this year's Bealtaine such an unqualified success! We had a great time!

Thanks to Colin and Faellon for the great meal, Thanks to Vollund for officiating at our Handfasting, it was fantastic! And thanks to all of you who were there to share it with us.

Erlan, the stew kicked ass!!

Rhiannon and Sean, it was great having you as neighbors!

We are looking forward to seeing you all soon. We hope that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did.

The tale of Vollund and the Lamb's Head' will be told many, many times, we are betting!!

Thanks again for the good times, the hospitality, and all the laughs.

Dairchan & Elysia

May 05, 2003 08:26

Greetings! Thank you to all members who made this Beltaine such a wonderful event. As always, it was wonderful to be so warmly welcomed. The hospitality shown towards us in lodging by Brogan and Vollund were beyond comparison. To the Cooks, the carrots, barley, pottage, honey butter, brussel sprouts and turnips were well worth the work. A lovely, satisfying meal. Though I'm certain I finished dead last in the he-man competion, it was quite the experience attempting to toss the log. Thank you Finnoula for not wrestling me to the ground:} Colin, I appreciate you humoring me with the ring toss onto the lamb game. Hey, it's a dead animal on a spit and some sticks, sounds period to me! To everyone else for their company. With love and bright blessings, Anam


May 05, 2003 19:47

Thank you to all the kind and generous members of Tuatha de Bhriain for such a magical and happy first Bealtaine experience. Faellon, Sean, and Vollund's Mead was intoxicating (perhaps an understatement?) and delicious. Erlan was so kind to loan me clothing for the event, and to give me some medicine to assist with my meadover. The lamb that Faellon and Colin made was absolutely amazing, while Aonghus and Brogan's vegetables were exquisite. Thank you all so much for allowing me to join your clann as a guest for two nights; I was made to feel welcome.

I put all the photos that Karen and I took with my digital camera online. If you find that you really like one of them and want a print-quality version, just email me and I'll send it to you.
Luighseach's Bealtaine Photos


May 08, 2003 09:39

We just wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful time we had this past weekend. Everyone made me and Annisse feel at home. We can't wait to camp with you at Pennsic. -Chicken & Annise


May 08, 2003 17:08

Dear Friends, First, thank you all for making Beltaine an excellent and successful event. I think everyone worked very hard and despite some problems beyond our control, the event ran rather smoothly. As you all know, it is getting near the time for our Pennsic planning meeting. Unfortunately, I have family commitments on both June 21st and June 28th, so I need to pick a different date for the meeting. Since the Pennsic meeting is usually pretty long, I think it should be on a Saturday, but It could be on a Sunday if absolutely necessary. I need to know if anyone absolutely cannot make it on either June 7, or June 14. Also, if anyone would prefer one of those dates over the other, or if a Sunday would be better, let me know. I basically want to pick the day that it seems the most people will be available. Please let me know soon, as I would like to set a definate date by next week. Also, if you haven't registered for Pennsic, please do so, the deadline is approaching. If you have, please let me know that as well, and let me know if you are aware of any friends or guests who have also registered with us. I'd like to get an idea of how many pre-reg's we actually have. I am also printing this message on our clann message board, so I hope everyone will be aware of it, but if anyone knows that someone isn't aware of this message, please tell them to call or e-mail me. Thanks again. In Service, Eberwulf


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