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Pennsic message board, 2000

Post by Comyn » Mon Aug 21, 2000 3:00 pm

(Comments from the AOL Message Board)

Aug 21, 2000 14:17
Well, my second Pennsic was an absolute HOOT!! Amazingly, Helska survived her first war and had a good time as well. Thanks very much to everyone who was there for making it such an enjoyable and memorable (except for the fuzzy bits) time.
To those who couldn't make it, you were missed, but hopefully we'll see each other soon at the next meeting. Samhain is coming. . .

Aug 22, 2000 00:15
Hey all, WOW!!! What a Pennsic!! Our camp was the place to be!! Hot showers, great entertainment,feast(s)and much fine home brew/mead made us the envey of the BOG!! A BIG Thanks to all members and non-members who made this war one that will be talked about for a long time to come! It was very cool to see every one!! A special thanks to Roman Dude, Wombat and "GUT-Pooffy hair-Shitfoot" for pitching in and helping with Camp chores! You guys made the tasks at hand less of a burdon on all of us. See You all soon,

Aug 22, 2000 13:26
I know I've already said this to many of you, but I just wanted to take the opportunity to say it once more... Thank you so much to Tuatha de Bhriain for your generous hospitality, and the warmth which which Anam and I were welcomed. I was so impressed with the sense of community, the smoothness of operations in camp, the amazing skills and craftsmanship I saw, and everyone's sense of humor and good spirits. This was one of those experiences that really gave me a sense of coming home, and I know that, as unique and incredible as Pennsic itself is, it had much more to do with the Clann itself and the many individuals who took special care to make us feel at home. You are wonderful... Besides the great company, thank you for the use of your hospitality tent, delicious meals, and one of the best parties I've ever been to. And thank you especially to Erlan for inviting us.It was also a genuine pleasure to play my viola for such an enthusiastic audience. 8) I am learning new tunes for Samhain if the invitation is still open. Please keep in touch-- I leave for school September 2, but I check my e-mail regularly. All the best and all my love,

Aug 22, 2000 22:36
Hey Clan-folk!Rayn and I had a wonderful Pennsic War! We hope everyone had a speedy and uneventful trip home. Ours went smoothly. Kinda sucks to back in "the world", doesn't it? Special thanks to Aonghus for all the advance planning I heard about, it really paid off. Brogan, cheers to you and your tireless cooking mastery. And thanks to EVERYONE in camp who made our time with the Clan fun. We can't wait until next year for Pennsic XXX. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to add to the camplife. Love you guys! Mordred and Rayn

Aug 26, 2000 12:35
Hey All, Just wanted to thank everyone for making my first Pennsic the best vacation I've ever had. Special thanks to Aonghus and Brogan. Aonghus, I know how hard you work to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone has a good time. Next year, I promise we'll tell you about the Lesbian party before we go. Brogan, I ate better on this trip than I do at home, and on any other trip I've been on. I had a truly excellent time, and I'm glad I got the chance to get to know the others in the Clan better. Special thanks to Erlan, for being my sponsor and to Valarian for bringing me into the Clann in the first place. Hope to see many of you at Norseland Fall Thyng and thn at Samhain.

White Cliffs
Aug 26, 2000 21:33
Hail all. Angus, Lynette, Finola, Cormac and Leghainn here at our little shanty in Dover. We are all just reminiscing about this past Pennsic and telling Lynn and Brian how much fun we had at Pennsic camping with you all. We would like to extend special thanks to Valerian and the Queen of Butterball Hall. Your clans generous hospitality made this Pennsic a wonderful introduction to "The Pennsic Experience"We are looking forward to our next war and hope we will be welcomed again for next Pennsic. Thank you all again. Leaghain(or however i spell it) Finola, Cormac (Frosty the Gate Man), with Angus and Lynnette.

Yvan & Maggie
Aug 27, 2000 23:41
Howdy, neighbors!
We had a great time next to you guys this Pennsic. Maggie & I both thank you for your hospitality. It was wonderful. I hope all & sundry were entertained by "Yvan Lobster-bane". Next year you'll know better! Any of you thinking of taking up combat archery?
Can anyone send me a copy of the Sun/Man logo you had on the banner & some of the older event announcements? I can't find any of my old notices. Thanks. E-mail would be best, if possible, snail-mail if not. See some of you at the Norseland 20th &/or the Wedding. Maybe the rest at Samhain? We'll see. Till then, "Via con Queso!"

Aug 28, 2000 14:45
Hello all, I hope your ride home was safe. Holly cow man (I mean hind 1/4 cow) what a great time. This was one of the best Pennsics ever. To all that could not make it you were missed.
I was reading all the posted messages and it seems I’m not the only one who felt that way. It was very nice to see all the Pennsic virgins having good time. Especially Helska, who I honestly didn’t think, would like camping for a whole week but what a trooper. I can’t wait to see all those photos. One comment that stood out was the felling of home. That is what I believed the clann was all about. Being together with friends and wanting to staying together for many years to come. I’m sure every one that camped at or visited our site felt the feeling of home and togetherness. I know I felt it.
I would like to give a loud shout out to all the women of the clann for helping with all those dishes and beautification of the site with there presence alone. Of course they make the men look good as well with the garb they all made. For a long time the clann needed a women’s touch and I would say they finally have it. Lets hope that continues in the years to come.
Well I hope to see everyone I mean EVERYONE (Falgon) at Fall Thyng and Samhain…

Sep 4, 2000 00:33
Hello all. The Druid bids you all a fine day and a good night. The many hours that I spent in preperation for a sun filled war, the libatioins taht I gave to the earth so that the sun would shine seemed to have worked. Perhaps not in totality but alas in finality. It was a good war and I had a wonderful time. It was a short war and I'm not real sure why. It was the same number of days, no more, no less, but I left feeling like I had just arrived. Perhaps it was the community that was created. In the day to day life that we all lead, maybe a family such as ours is lacking in the mundane. I know that in mine, it is so. Our section of E23 was not just a well planned living space, it was home for 2 weeks. It has been many years since I felt a closeness at the war and I missed it. That feeling of unity is one that I have been searching for in a group for a while. The friendship that the clan shares with each other seems to almost be unconditional. I hope that as we grow, it can remain so. We will grow, and I think that this year's contacts show that many long to be invited to our gatherings, many desire to know us. And know us they shall for never again shall ANYONE passout by the fire............or turn 18 in our midst.......or sing till 6 am in the morning..............or be bought so cheaply......They might not have come to us as family but that is how they left and that will be how they return. So, until Sahmain - peace and thank you for a wonderful war. erlan

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