Rutiger goes West, 1999

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Rutiger goes West, 1999

Post by Comyn » Tue Jul 27, 1999 3:00 pm

(Comment from AOL message board)

Jul 27, 1999 04:03


Time turns like the wheel of a cart. Each point touches the ground only briefly then moves away. But like the seasons that run their cycle from spring to fall and back again, the wheel turns and that point returns to contact the ground again. Such is time and such is life. I have journeyed far through hard lands and contested the will of strangers for many seasons now. The people of my Kunja have encountered and persevered through many hardships. My Scythic brother has returned to the lands of his youth to tend his herds see to the welfare of his Inna-Kunds. I am happy in knowing that he is happy. The clans come together and move apart. The turning of the years has seen me living among the Romans, but their ways are not mine. Often I find myself thinking of my time on the green Isle, joined with another clan. Many friends I made, and enemies as well, and remembering them a desire was born to see them all again. So I set my course once more for the west, to visit the clan I once served. Expect me in the fall at the time you hold holy. I look forward to seeing those I left behind as well as meeting those who have come sense my departure. To those who I always held special, Aongus my Celtic brother and Comyn who I have known for years un-countable, I say the days that separate us are few...I will return.

Rutigeriks Balt-Amalang Heiwa-Fra'uja Stormravengard


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