Samhain message board, 1998

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Samhain message board, 1998

Post by Comyn » Sun Nov 01, 1998 3:00 pm

Comments from the AOL message board relating to Samhain 1998

Samhain 1998 News

Nov 1, 1998 21:20
Happy Samhain, Im sorry I could not make it this year. I did celebrate with a large bonfire. If you looked north after dark and though you saw a orange glow or some sparks it was just me burning a cord or two. I do have about a cord left to burn when I move could be fun if anybody is interested. Mainlia

Nov 2, 1998 01:21
WOW!!! What an event. Thanks to everyone who was there for making it GREAT! Let's just try to keep making them better and better. See ya all soon.

Nov 4, 1998 20:34
Samhain was truely an awesome event. The feast was incredible... did anyone get pictures of the spread?? The ceremony was great... the masks were damn spooky and surely kept away the angry spirits of the dead.. all the period tents glowing with candle light made such a great atmoshere.. it sorta reminded me of those quaint little christmas villages.. it imparted such a warm, homey feeling even in the chill autumn air. -I thank the gods for clear weather.. I keep thinking what a shame it will be to have to wait for spring for another camp out. - My sincerest condolences to those who didnt make it, and my heartfelt thanks to all those who shared the experience that was Samhain.
May all our events be as successful...

Nov 7, 1998 21:26
Blessings to all who read this, from your Druid. The winds were quiet and the sun was strong on our Blessed Samhain. I faced the unknown with strength and I have spoken with our ancestors and they promise a cold winter. A cold winter will bring us warm friends and strengthen our sould. The spring season will be upon us early and the lands will gift us well. I wish to thank the members for choosing me, Erlan, as your Druid. I will enspire to do the most that I can for this clan of ours. In peace and greatness. Erlan Nordenskol

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