Pennsic message board, 1998

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Pennsic message board, 1998

Post by Comyn » Sun Aug 16, 1998 3:00 pm

These comments from the AOL Message board relate to the Pennsic XXVII War


Aug 16, 1998 10:51
Greetings Clannsfolk.
Welcome back to those of you who attended the great Pennsic war. I hope this message finds you all safely home. I look forward to hearing the tales of great deeds which transpired on your trip.
By the way, the new website looks great. All Hail Aonghus!
Hope to see you all soon.

Aug 17, 1998 12:29
Greetings!!! We made it back from Pensic!!! All those who couldn't attend were missed and remembered! We all have a bunch O' tales to tell. I'm looking forward to the time when we all can drink some ale and share the stories around a fire. The People I've meet, new friends made, things experienced and randome acts of kindness were overwhelming!! I now know why People quit jobs and or put their mundaine life on hold to attend. COUNT ME ONE OF THEM!!!!! Hope to see you all soon!

Aug 18, 1998 22:25
Wow!! What an awesome war. I can't begin to express the gratitude I feel for the Clan'shospitality and friendship. I always had a cold drink, a place to sit, and friendly faces to laugh with, and we did laugh. A very special thanks to Valerian and Eachna for thier priceless help with waterbearing and feeding the fighters, if you weren't pagan you'd be angels. I'm speechless...........
Brogan, Colin, Falgon, .....I don't think my body will ever recover from the punishing laughter we took part in. I can't remember a more hilarious time....ever...and hey, Volund even stopped by!
Guthrum and Finnoula were a pleasant suprise and it was great seeing Manlia, for even a short time, and finally meeting Cymrot.
Last but not least, Aonghus. What can I say....a truere friend and brother could not be dreamed of. Thank you for the honor of letting me fight with a clan favor, it will ALWAYS hold the highest place of honor for me, and thank you again for the hospitality. Be proud of your people as I am proud to know them....See you all soon.

Aug 20, 1998 12:10
What a great war! For everyone who missed it, you were remembered and missed. On the last night we were sitting around having dinner and named each person who wasn't with us. It was particularly nice that we all had period tents. It made it possible to really escape this century and arive in the fifth. If we can achieve this at our future events we will really acomplish something.

Aug 26, 1998 13:51
Hello All, Good to hear that every one is home from the war in one peice. Looking back at the war I'm woundering why I skiped those years in between. I'm looking foward to the next event localy. Is anyone planing to attend Norse Land's fall thyng on Sep. 18th 19th 20th. Hope to see everyone soon.

Aug 27, 1998 21:10
Greetings to my freinds of Tuatha de Bhriain!
It was great to see so many of you at the War this year. your hospitality was wonderful and I would like to thank the beutiful Valarian and the lovely Eachna for their wonderful attention on the battlefield! Brogan the feast was fantastic and it was great to hear Mainlia sing! And last but not least it was a great pleasure, as always, to see my friend Aongus. My freinds of the clanne helped make this a memorable (though short) war for me Thank you and I hope to see you all at Fall Thyng, if not I plan on coming down for Samhain so I will see you all then...

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