Pennsic News, 1997

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Pennsic News, 1997

Post by Comyn » Thu Aug 28, 1997 3:00 pm

Pennsic XXVI News
(from the AOL message board)

From: Olaf of Norseland Aug 28, 1997

Olaf sends greetings and "HAPPY DEATH" to you all. Pennsic XXVI (26 if you don't read Roman) was fantastic. It could only have been better if I had seen you crazy Celts there as well. The Norseland Unit (Tomas was the only citizen who fought with us) was paid well as usual. This year we fought for Elazar,who fought for Tearloch, who fought for the Northern Army, who fought for the East, which was victorious. In other words we won the War!!! It does not really matter who won as a good time was had by all. It has been way too long since I have had a good war. My "no sh#t" stories follow. In the woods my first death was the death of many spears. One of which was to the groin area that hurt just a bit . After the battle I realized that I needed a new cup (pee-pee protector) since mine was broken. I also stabbed Gunnar in the gut with my spear. He ran off, but not to resurection point. Maybe he bled to death later, I don't know. And finally I blocked at least 8 swords at once, with my spear, while facing an oncomming shield wall. Then I ran away. I was married last year to the beautiful Lady Katarina. We had a Holmgang tourney (100 degrees in the shade) then a Viking style (allbeit sweaty) wedding. Yvan,Leif and Jorik attended. I have been in Chiropractic school these past two years. In another year and a half I can adjust your spines after denting your helms. I look foward to seeing you all as soon as the fates permit. Keep your kilts disease free and don't use starch (it may cause chafing)

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