Imbolc Newsletter, 1997

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Imbolc Newsletter, 1997

Post by Comyn » Tue Feb 04, 1997 3:00 pm

Imbolc '97 News Letter

What News?

Welcome Cate, Erlan, and Valarian!!


Imbolc went off with out a hitch! The feast was GREAT! For those that missed out maybe you'll get lucky and we'll have the same thing next year.

This Imbolc was a bit quieter than past events, and I'm sure the people who live near the hall are thankful for that. A few of our members are wayward, but again, Tuatha de Bhrian withstands the storms and comes out on top! I refer to our three new members, Cate, Erlan, and Valarian, who have proven themselves worthy of being part of us and who in turn bless us with their talents and dedication.

Normally, at this point, I would single out those members who made an extraordinary effort to see that the event was a success, but this event was extra special. Every single member of the clann did their share and contributed to the success of the event!! So I would like to thank you all...
  • Cymrot -for a great ceremony, personalizing it just for the clann and celebrating those events in our lives worthy of high recognition.
  • Volund - for keeping us laughing and helping out where ever needed.
  • Monlia - for remembering his fidchell board and the dancing lessons.
  • Sil - for helping out with the torques and his valuable input. Falgon - for being the first one to arrive and jumping right into the set up as well as making sure we could all see that night.
  • Guthrum and Cate - that was some lamb!!Caitlin - for being able to juggle two little elves and still cook those awesome veggies.
  • Valairian- for getting the feast gear out of sight before anyone could even blink.
  • Erlan - for having everything we possibly could have needed.And one special note for Siannon - who, although couldn't
    make it, mailed me the table clothes.
Thank you all...
for this event was truely a team effort and was the living embodiment of what a clann should be.

In other news:

Coiser's email address has been added to the contact page! So lets send him some email and see if talks like a bow-legged Texan yet.

Guthrum, our new treasurer, has proven a most effective choice for the position and has been quite vigilant (Sil's word) in making sure we all comply with the new dues policy that was instituted last winter solstice. Guthrum has posted a web page reporting the current status of the clan treasury.

It is not linked to the main page for privacy reasons (Though we may change this policy if the majority of members don’t mind). The address will be emailed to all members soon. Please bookmark the page when you visit it to return there easily.

Now that the treasury has been replenished, we should consider what we should do with it. Suggestions have been made that we invest in the equipment to further the goals of our clann.

Clann Coins

Volund is currently researching this project and information will be made available for clann perusal. Some of the criteria I feel is important, is keeping the material cost low... other groups that have minted coins have used silver, making the value of each coin expensive. I would like to see coins minted in less precious metals, like bronze, brass, or copper, to see them circulate more.

Clann yurt

A clann yurt would serve as a community house for the clann to assemble in, gather 'round the fire to hear tales, recite poetry, and generally maintain the integrity of our clann circle, while shielding us from the elements. While this is a definite goal of ours, we will also need to address its storage and transport to events.

Other, less expensive projects suggested were:

Mask making for Samhain

And getting some sort of clann kit bag together - where each member would be supplied a duffel bag with certain essential equipment( i.e. candle holders, feast gear, drinking horn, etc. - sort of like a medieval military pack.)

Comyn update

Comyn has decided not to take a leave of absence and is instead withdrawing from membership. He is also reluctant to submit a letter of resignation for reasons unknown. Under current law, he will default his membership unless he pays his dues, and, in my humble opinion, will most likely let that happen rather than make a some sort of parting statement. But then again he may surprise us. Sabha (aka Cathy, Comyn's girlfriend) is Comyn's probate. When (if) Comyn's membership defaults, her status as probate will also default unless sponsored by another member. When asked if she would like to continue to be part of the clann, she answered positively but asked for some time to consider the issue seriously. Comyn seemed to already have plans for her though. Only time will tell.

Clannsfolk should take advantage of the Message Board to communicate their opinions and ideas on these and other subjects with the clann..

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