Winter Solstice NewsLetter, 1996

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Winter Solstice NewsLetter, 1996

Post by Comyn » Sat Dec 21, 1996 3:00 pm

Winter Solstice '96 NewsLetter

What News?

Winter Solstice '96 edition

Congratulations Sport and Cate on their Engagement!!!!!!


All dates are subject to change until we get confirmation from the park/hall

Imbolc - Saturday February 1st
Beltaine - Friday May 30th thru Sunday June 1st
Lughnasad - If a large group of people are going to Pennsic we may not hold it.

Samhain - Friday October 31 thru Sunday November 2nd

Click here to access the new Event Pages, where you can find more information on these events and volunteer for needed tasks. All members and probates are expected to volunteer for various tasks at every event. If you have not volunteered for a task at any and every event, you will be assigned a task by the Chief (and possibly at the last minute). If you know you will not be able to attend a particular event, please go to the appropriate Event Page and check off "can not attend" in the volunteer section.

Last Meeting...

For those members and probates who could not attend the clann meeting held on Sunday December 8th and for those that did, this is a recap of the proceedings and announcement of new plans and policies:

Clann Dues
Clann Dues are now $30.00 a year...payable between Samhain and Imbolc. Late payment penalties (additional fees and/or assigned chores) are at the discretion of the treasurer (currently Guthrum).

Failure to make compensation to the clann will result in loss of membership.

Talking to the Chief...
Though no law was enacted... It is now policy to bring any suggestions or problems to either the clann Bard, File, or Druid before it is brought to the attention of the Chief. This policy mostly applies to events and all clannsfolk are free to use their best judgement in complying with it.

In the past, the clann has attempted to cater to the tastes of all individuals participating at the feasts. Due to the growing popularity of our events, this task has become burdensome to say the least. Feasts will now be limited to only a few dishes. Because we are now posting the menu in advance, those people with special dietary considerations can plan their meal participation in advance .... In the future we may compose an allergy list or something of the like, but until that time, if you can't eat what's listed bring your own substitute for that entree.

Laws on the Web
The clann has decided that our laws will be posted on the website. However, printing them out and bringing them to events is forbidden to all except the Clann File, whose responsibility is to be keeper of our clann law.

By vote of the clann, it was decided to reject Comyn's resignation at this time. It was suggested that he be allowed to take a leave of absence until such a time as he feels ready to devote his attention to active participation with the group. Comyn has been contacted and told of the clann's decision and was thankful for having this option extended to him. Comyn plans on meeting with the chieftain to further discuss the implications of this course of action.

Clannsfolk should take advantage of the Message Board to communicate their opinions and ideas on these and other subjects with the clann..

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