Beltaine News, 1995

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Beltaine News, 1995

Post by Comyn » Wed Aug 30, 1995 3:00 pm

From the Lughnasad Newsletter, 1995 by Aonghus which can be found in its entirety in a separate post.

This past Bealtaine event proved to be yet another success despite the torrential down pour on Friday. We proved that we can still have a great time just being together and that we'll always make the best of things no matter what obstacles crop up. The clan remains on excellent terms with the park people and they are looking forward to seeing us again.

That said, I'd like to single out a couple of individuals who went the distance and made the event something really special...

First I'd like to thank friend Guthrum for holding the throwing contest and having the tenacity for supplying all the necessary equipment and the cool period prizes.

Next, I'd like to thank clansman Volund for supplying the brew. The five gallons of mead he made for the event was the best I've ever tasted. His talent is clearly one of the clan’s greatest assets in providing a good time.

I'd also like to thank clansman Rutger for the awesome story he told at the fireside. It was period storytelling at its best and I’m sure we'll all be looking forward to another one at the next event.

Most of all, I'd like to thank clansman Sil. Sil really put his back in to it this past event by making sure we had plenty of wood, keeping the camp tidy, and lending a hand whenever one was needed.

Those who were unable to make it missed out on a lot of fun, but they were in our thoughts and I know I speak for everybody when I say we hope that circumstances will improve in the future so that we can see all our clansfolk and friends at the next clan event.

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