Imbolc Feis, 1992 announcement

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Imbolc Feis, 1992 announcement

Post by Comyn » Wed Jan 01, 1992 8:00 pm

Imbolc Feis, 1992 announcement

Mainlia will be hosting the party on 25 January 1992 Saturday beginning at 2:00 pm with contest of fighting skill which will take place at Miller Place Park.

Mainlia will be making the same chicken dish as last year and would appreciate help with the other food. The following will be needed: salad, beer, bread, cheese and crackers, pretzels (for the Beer Tasting), stew, pies, fruit, carrots, string beans and your personal specialties!

The party will be held at Mainlia's parents' house located at XX in Miller Place. The house is a green roofed ranch in the middle of the woods. See the attached map.

The Druid and the Chief will conduct a ceremont and Mainlia suggests that a meeting be held prior to January 25th to make plans.

There will be a beer tasting event and every one who would like to participate is asked to bring at least 36oz. of two brands of beer they would like to enter.

Mainlia asks those people who will be drinking not to try driving. Floor space will be available.

There will be singing so bring your singing voice sayeth the Bard and song books if you have them.

There will be a dart tourney so bring your darts.

Gambling is likely so bring your shiny pebbles, gems, Ragnars, Fjolnirs, Stonehews, Norsemarks and any thing else you'd like to lose. Pride, honor and freedom may not be sacrosanct. Other contests and wagers may spontaneously appear.

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