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About Bealtine by Mainlia

Posted: Sun May 13, 2007 1:32 pm
by Comyn
(The following comment from AOL message board provides more details about the holiday)
From: Mainlia Mar 29, 1998

Bealtaine usually held on May first, is the feast of the god Belenos. Bealtaine as well as Belenos are symbols of fire and sun. The feis is symbolized with fire, purification, and fertility. Beltaine hails the beginning of summer, the herds are driven out to summer pasture. The clans gather and hold a feis, making plans for the coming season. Druids called Brehon judges are available to give judgments, and settle debates. Beltaine is a time in Brehon law that trial marriages started at the previous Lughnasadh could go to divorce if the couple found the confinement of winter incompatible. Rents and debts were paid, and legal contracts made. The Fianna (professional standing army of the high king) gathers and lives off the land hunting, training, raiding, and waring for the warmer months. Religion/festival: The evening of Bealtaine was one of the two nights (Samhain , and Bealtaine) in which the barriers to the otherworld are thin. The doors of the sidhe (Fairy) mounds are open. Care must be taken not to anger the spirits, or fall under the spell of the otherworld. Beasts and clan members are purified from their long winter confinement, by being driven between two bonfires. This kills off any lingering infection, gives fertility, and personal success in the coming months. Bands of young men run around the tuath bearing branches of blazing foliage to purify and protect their homes. All fires are put out, and renewed from the sacred Bael fire. --Mainlia