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The Aylesford Bucket Burial

Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:44 pm
by Comyn
Some of you may recognize the handle attachment of this bucket as Brogan has made a (very good) reproduction of it.

From the British Museum

Dated: 75 BC - 25 BC (circa)
Excavated/Findspot: Aylesford (Europe,British Isles,England,Kent,Aylesford)
This wooden bucket (1886,1112.3-7) wrapped in bronze contained cremated human bones. It was found in a grave with a pan (1886,1112.1), a bronze jug (1886,1112.2), as well as three bronze brooches (1886,1112.8-10) and at least four pottery vessels (1886,1112.11-15). The pan and jug, which may have been used for preparing wine, are from southern Gaul (France) or Italy. Similar examples have been discovered across Europe and are often found together in graves dating from this period. The grave was discovered by chance in 1886. Similar graves, containing the same types of pottery, bronze, vessels and brooches have also been found in other parts of south-east England.
Cunliffe, B. 2005. Iron Age Communities in Britain. 4th edition. London: Routlege, pp.152-9.