Oil lamps

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Oil lamps

Post by Comyn » Sun May 13, 2007 2:16 pm

note: 1999 comments from the AOL message board

Apr 17, 1999 23:08
Fire hazards aside, here is a page of a location that sells reproductions of oil lamps.
note: this link redirects to http://www.ancientlamps.com/ as of 170129
I'm not certain whether we would be better served with the '1-2nd century celtic/gaulic' styles, or, the '5th century' Roman/Byzantium style from africa.
One is from the wrong time period, the other the wrong region...in any case, it might be of interest to clann folks!

Apr 19, 1999 21:39
I visted the web site for the lamps they looked pretty cool. Maybe someone could tell us which one would be the most appropriate for our time period.

Apr 21, 1999 18:04
As far as Volunds question and those neato oil lamps ... go for the late Roman / Britian lamps or Late Roman Empire

Other links to check out for oil lamps from Comyn

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