The Gods!

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The Gods!

Post by Comyn » Sat Dec 04, 2004 6:00 am

This is a story I originally posted elsewhere on Dec 4, 2004
The Gods are ever present and there is no clear dividing line between the natural and the supernatural world. We are at all times balanced precariously on the interface between the divine and the profane. All around us live the denizens of the otherworld, in springs, in rivers and lakes, in forests and marshes, in caves and on mountain tops. The Gods intrude into the affairs of men and often take sides in the disputes of mortals. They are capricious and moody, and at times benevolent and helpful, at times malicious and spiteful. It is necessary to mollify and appease them constantly by means of offerings, by the correct rituals and by the proper manner of behaviour. You offend the Gods at your peril!

Raftery, Barry
Pagan Celtic Ireland, The enigma of the Irish Iron Age
Thames & Hudson 1994 pp. 178
A more formal review of this book can be found in the Books and Research section of this site.

I had originally prepared to deliver the above quotation at the feast of Imbolc in 1998 but the actual event went off a bit differently. Those who attended might have preferred that I had stuck to this more sedate version. I have also posted the Wheel of the Year that I kept that year, and although the specific events and folks mentioned therein may no longer be relevant, it gives a good flavour for our idea of the Celtic year.

And what story about "The Gods" is complete without a cameo by The Dagda himself? The Dagda is "the good god" or as I have been told, its better to describe him as "the god who is good at stuff". The link above brings up a rather crude drawing of him I made after reading a particularly detailed description of him.

For those reading this who may not be aware, I'm (maybe not so) obviously talking about the Celtic pantheon here which is a stretch for a lot of folks since all you really get to read about in school (usually) is the Greek mythos and they're such a bunch of backstabbing socialites its not supernatural enough for me. I also have a fondness for Viking mythology, but I'm not prepared to discuss that rabble tonight. Anyone else have some good Gods stories? Please note: I have enough copies of the Bible, I'm merely soliciting comments regarding polytheism here - so if you can't afford more than one god, you can't afford to join in on this discussion.

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