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The Hat, the Horn, & the God

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 11:43 pm
by Aonghus
There is an old tale told of the Horned God. When wanting to assemble the creatures of the forest together, he would take his mighty club and beat upon the belly of his companion stag. The stag would toss back its antlers, raise its proud head, and make a deep lowing that resounded throughout the forest. The creatures of the forests, minions of the Horned God, hearing this would assemble to hear the Gods bidding.

Our chieftain wears a hat made from antler and carries a bugle fashioned from cow horn - known as the "Horn of Assembly". Wearing the hat and sounding the horn, the chieftain takes on the role of the lowing stag, to call together the dispersed clan for a common purpose.

All clansfolk who hear the Horn of Assembly must heed its call.