Prehistoric Music of Ireland

This section includes book reviews. We hope this section will help you to get more of a feel for the period we seek to re-create. Some of these resources may also inspire you to undertake new projects to add to your collection of period equipment and to the clann atmosphere in general. Please help out by submitting material for this section.
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Prehistoric Music of Ireland

Post by Aonghus » Tue Apr 17, 2007 4:15 am

If your not familiar with Oxbow books / David Brown you should aquaint yourself.

Oxbow / David Brownthey host a wide variatey of acedemic texts on history / archeology etc, with very few clunkers.

I came across this book which may be of interest... though its also available at amazon.

Prehistoric Music of Ireland
by O'Dwyer Simon

Find on Amazon
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Im not sure if its the same guy.. but.. i think i saw this author in a video and he may have a website too...

note: I accidentally deleted Aonghus' follow up comment to this post which gave the author's website here.

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