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Celtic Myths and Legends

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 5:10 pm
by Comyn
by T.W. Rolleston

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Although nearly a century old, and suffering a bit from outdated scholarship, if you're looking for a good overview of Celtic mythology, you will certainly come away with a better grasp of the big picture from this book. All of the important Celtic myths and legends are dealt with, although many are presented in a shortened, crib-notes-like format. The book covers Irish and Welsh stories and tales of the Ultonian and Ossianic cycles, the voyage of Maeldun, and the myths and tales of the Cymry (Welsh). Favorite and familiar stories of Cuchulain, King Arthur, Deirdre, the Grail, many more are discussed. The tales are not merely told, but are carefully compared and contrasted in an informed way. I took to taking notes while reading the stories, because the sheer number of characters is overwhelming!

Dover edition, 1990 - an unabridged reproduction of the 'Second and Revised edition', 1917
ISBN 0-486-26507-2

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