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Celtic Design: Animal Patterns

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 8:34 pm
by Comyn
by Aidan Meehan
Thames and Hudson, 1992

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Another in this fantastic series which investigates the creation of the interlaced beasts, birds and serpents of Celtic art.The beautiful designs, decorations and patterns of the Celts were expressed in their metalwork, stonework and jewelry, eventually influencing the art of the scribes who worked in the monasteries of Ireland on the illuminated manuscripts that one now associates with the Celtic style.

from page 59:
"Belts, buckles and brooches were something special in former times. Worn to enhance the spirit of the wearer, jewelry had a mystique, a ceremonial quality. Dressing up was a way of life. Every ornamental detail had a ritual significance. Decorations were bestowed as recognition of exceptional valour or service, not bought. They were only to be acquired through a demonstration of nobility of spirit, or supplied for a special occasion, or as a gift, and were prized accordingly. Rather than being preserved to give prestige to an heir, treasured ornaments were buried with their owner, so bound up were they with his or her personal power and charisma."