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This section includes book reviews. We hope this section will help you to get more of a feel for the period we seek to re-create. Some of these resources may also inspire you to undertake new projects to add to your collection of period equipment and to the clann atmosphere in general. Please help out by submitting material for this section.
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Submissions should be relevant to our chosen period of study in some way.
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FTP Site

Post by Comyn » Tue Oct 20, 2015 6:07 pm

Members may recall that some years ago Gobae and Comyn decided to start sharing some of the electronic books and research papers that we acquire related to the Celts and associated cultures in an FTP site accessible only to members and friends. Since there was some concern that we not flagrantly provide access to copyrighted material on the site, this area is hidden behind a password.

TdB Members in good standing are provided access upon request.

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