Céad míle fáilte!

The Tuatha de Bhriain is a re-creation society founded in 1986 that attempts to re-enact the spirit and material culture of 5th century Ireland. While we are not officially associated with the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), several of us are also members of that organization, and attend some SCA events.

About the Tuatha de Bhriain

We are a group of like-minded individuals most of whom live on Long Island, in New York. We hold 3 events each year on or near to the ancient Celtic Holidays, two of these are weekend camp outs while the third is a day long indoor event. Pennsic Camp and VolundWe attend the Pennsic War as a group and camp in the bog near Norseland, Prechainn, Silver Phoenix, and Estmar. Four official planning meetings are held in between our events, and members have been known to host mundane gatherings like beer tastings, sausage making parties, music sessions, and hammer-ins. Many of our gatherings are planned with the goal to prepare in some way for the next event, including more official 'work party' details.

As re-enactors, we endevor to re-create the atmosphere of our chosen time period as best we can. This includes wearing period clothing, eating period foods, practicing period crafts and customs, using period technology and tools, and interacting with each other as the people of our chosen culture would have. You can check out our Photo Gallery for a better glimpse at what we do.

The key elements of our hobby are imagination, effort, and the vast amount of research found in learned texts and archeological journals. It is a challenging yet highly rewarding hobby, as well as out-right fun! If this hobby sounds like something you would enjoy, check out our How To section to find out more about the possibility of becoming part of our clann. If you are far from our area, or interested in a different culture, you can still join into our online discussions as a website member. We try to keep this site geared to period pursuits, but we also maintain a more mundane mailing list if you just want to chew the fat.

Céad míle fáilte means 'A hundred thousand welcomes'

Sheet Wall Day

07/10/2016 10:00

Sheet wall day at Comyn & Sabha's house.

Great video from the British Museum

In support of the show they are running in cooperation with the National Museum Scotland called The Celts: Art and Identity, the British Museum has been posting a series of videos on their YouTube channel.  The last of these is quite long (about 25 minutes) and features some very famous pieces you will certainly recognize.  I've posted the video in our Books and Research section under Items and Finds.

I created this forum post because there isn't any obvious way for visitors of this site to know that a new book page was created (Whats New? page will show this type of thing) and you can only comment on forum topics not book pages.



Submit some period bronze casting ideas!

Belt BuckleBelt Buckles aren't our period but I want one!

Ever since I saw Kellagh's belt buckle at Pennsic that he made I've wanted one of my own.  This paper describes some early medieval era belt buckles enamled in the Celtic style which are similar to Anglo Saxon type buckles.  There is a line in the paper referencing some earier works that postulate that the belt buckle was not part of the Irish form of dress and was introduced later on (perhaps through contact with Anglo Saxons and Vikings).  I think it would be easiest to make the last type pictured (dimensions are given in the text too) but these were usually enameled - any ideas on how to create an enameled effect with a bronze casting? Perhaps pour on some kind of liquified plastic afterward or something? The patterns could just be etched in the clay model and it would look great cast anyway. The one pictured has a couple of tangs on the underside that presumably were used to attach it to leather?  I assume this could be done in the casting process?  I'm not sure I understand how exactly you would use them to attach to something though.  Bend them over?  The pin would have to be added afterward I think, but it shouldn't be hard to just bend a piece of copper in place.



Winter Solstice Meeting

01/03/2016 13:30

The Winter Solstice will occur on Dec 21st at 23:48 (Eastern), and since the Imbolc Planning meeting should occur two weekends before that as per current Clann Law, that puts the tentative day for the meeting as Saturday, Dec 12th.  However, after consultation with the Druid January 3rd was selected as the meeting date. 

Venue is currently set as Faellon's house.

Samhain Planning meeting


As per Clann Law, the Autumnal Equinox Meeting to plan the Samhain feast should be held two weeks before the Equinox but not on Labor Day Weekend (Labor Day falls on September 7th). The Autumnal Equinox falls on September 23 at 4:21am this year setting the expected date of the meeting to Sat, Sep 12th.

NRS - 35th Fall Thyng


A momentous event, being the last event that will occur at the Feldmannplatz which has served as home for Norseland for many many years. Also, see the Norseland 35th anniversary tee shirt order post.

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